Underwater hull and equipment damage whilst at sea can sometimes be unavoidable. But it doesn’t have to put your ship out of operation indefinitely. High quality underwater repairs mean you’re back in business quickly and effectively.

SeaTec is one of the largest international underwater maintenance providers. With a global reach delivering services in over 300 locations, supporting thousands of vessels; we are specialists in afloat and underwater engineering, inspection and repair services. Our team of expert technicians and marine engineers has extensive experience in V.Ships operational ship management and offer a complete innovative service for marine engineering tasks. This ranges from consultancy and project management, to the design and fabrication of bespoke cofferdams providing a dry environment for below waterline repairs. Our subsea services include:

  • Survey & Inspection
  • Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing
  • Subsea Engineering & Repairs
  • Blanks & Cofferdams
  • Marine construction
  • Specialist Services

As we effectively diagnose your vessel’s fault, design and custom produce a high quality repair solution, we call on our network of certified divers to execute the repair wherever the ship is located. This means your vessel is back in operation quickly and without excessive delays or deviations.

Operating in competitive markets control of ship running costs will be paramount. SeaTec can reduce your fuel consumption to help win more business. With specialist hull cleaning and propeller polishing services, you’ll compete more effectively and maximise your on hire time, whilst improving your environmental impact and reducing carbon emissions.

Certified by the major Classification Societies, SeaTec offer a global network of services, all aimed at reducing the need for dry-docking, and allowing your vessel to remain at sea operating at peak performance. Find out more at https://seatec-services.com/subsea/

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