V.Group is one of the largest marine services providers in the world, leading the way in technical maintenance and support and crew services. Our services are flexible and provide value, giving you confidence that your vessel and crew are fully supported.

We believe that scale is important and we seek to leverage our scale as the market leader to the benefit of our customers. Our scale enables us to attract and invest in the development of the best talent in our industry. We aim to be a highly reputable employer and provider of crew as ultimately people are the most important and valuable part of our business model.

Shipping is a global business and our geographic reach enables us to be responsive to our customers’ needs wherever their vessels are in the world and in any time zone. Our industry can be unpredictable and the flexibility to respond quickly and professionally when the need arises is critical.

Scale allows us to combine our buying power with that of our customers and partners to deliver better value for money. To do this we need to be a trusted partner to our suppliers, always paying on time and respecting our end of every deal, behaviours which we expect our suppliers and our customers to honour as well.

The marine industry is increasingly dependent upon technology to deliver efficient, safe and environmentally friendly operations. Our operating model represents decades of investment and our scale allows us to continue to invest in the latest technology. Scale makes us an ideal technology partner driving innovation into our business to the benefit of our customers.

Our digital platform enables the use of data to drive insights, optimising the performance of our customers’ assets. We are establishing state of the art innovation centres to drive further technology-led improvements, working in partnership with our customers and other industry partners.

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SeaTec is delighted to partner with Prysmian Group to supervise the construction of a DP3 cable laying vessel, the second largest vessel ever built in VARD’s Tulcea shipyard. Watch how we have progressed this huge project, from the construction of the first five vessel blocks through to the recent installation of the capstan.

For more information on our new build services, visit https://seatec-services.com/projects-new-builds/new-building/

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