V.Group is the world’s leading independent ship management company, and a global pioneer in technology, innovation, and services for worldwide vessel owners.

With over 35 years’ experience in managing vessels in the shipping, cruise and energy sectors, V.Group is committed to delivering safe and compliant operations through transparency, pro-activeness, and strong partnerships. V.Group provides a full range of ship management and marine support services to ship owners and operators around the globe, as well as the ability to blend those services together in unique combinations to meet specific customer needs.

With responsibility for 600 assets including tankers, bulk carriers, and gas carriers, to cruise, offshore, passenger vessels and containerships, under management, V.Group has access to an international network of over 44,000 seafarers across all sectors. They are supported by an onshore team of over 3,000 colleagues spread throughout 30 countries in 60 regional offices.

As industry leaders, we combine our global footprint with specialists and operational hubs around the world to give our customers the most comprehensive service with multi-disciplined support. We are able to set, measure and deliver the industry leading standards for safety, compliance, environmental protection and service quality. We demonstrate the know-how, commitment, and drive to help all our customers achieve their goals, through cost-effective, safe, and performance-enhancing asset management – wherever and whenever it’s needed.

By leveraging our unique operating model, we align our risks and priorities more closely with our customers. We not only provide ship management services, but certainty and confidence for owners wanting to stay one step ahead. Guided by our values, we aim to deliver flawless service in every area in which we operate, with safety being our number one priority.

V.Group has always placed technology and innovation at the centre of its operations. ShipSure is a vital tool in delivering flawless service, a powerful digital platform that helps us collaborate better, make data-driven decisions, and seamlessly connect different areas of the business.  This drives better outcomes for our customers, integrating technology and data in order to generate tangible value in all aspects of their operations. Technology and datasets provide actionable insights, driving vessel safety, environmentally compliant operations and ultimately optimising technical and commercial performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ship management?

As the name suggests, ship management is a service within the maritime industry that manages maritime vessels and ships. The service is usually implemented by large ship management companies on behalf of a private or commercial owner/operator and encompasses a range of marine-centric services.

What does a ship management company do?

A ship management company is hired to manage and maintain either a vessel or fleet of ships. As the primary caretaker for the vessel/s, ship management companies also handle both the operational and transactional side of any marine-centric services associated with the ship such as the transportation of goods.

What is a ship management digital platform?

It goes without saying that cloud-centric technologies have transformed the way we do business – the maritime industry included. The introduction of digital management platforms has transformed the maritime industry in recent years, and seen an enormous shift in the way marine services are implemented.

Modern ship management digital platforms provide the maritime sector with fully integrated analytics. This specialist kind of platform, such as ShipSure, collects and analyses important information for the purpose of making informed, data-driven decisions.

What is the role of a ship manager?

As the name directly implies, the primary role of a ship manager is to oversee and manage a vessel. It is a ship manager’s job to monitor and manage the crew onboard as well as oversee any operations including maintenance. A ship manager is also usually in charge of the preparation and evaluation of budgets and reporting their findings.

At V.Group, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Having cultivated a global reputation for providing leading ship management services, we remain committed to delivering efficient and future-proof solutions for the marine industry. Our ship management services are driven by ShipSure – a fully integrated analytic platform that collects and analyses data in real-time to add value to your operations.

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