One of many global services offered by V.Group, SeaTec is one of the largest shipping technical service providers in the world. Globally, we are leading the way in technical maintenance support, and remain dedicated to providing efficient and reliable marine-centric solutions to our clients.

An international market leader with full ISO9001:2015 accreditation, SeaTec offers unrivalled services to the shipping, offshore and defence industries. Our services include onboard safety training, engineering, underwater repair management, condition-based monitoring, communications and vessel inspections.

Like many other sectors, the marine industry is becoming increasingly dependent upon technology to deliver efficient, safe and environmentally friendly services and solutions. Our operating model represents decades of investment. The sheer scale of our operations also allows us to continue investing in the latest technology. Internationally, we are recognised as an ideal technology partner. We are not only driving innovation in our own services but also in our industry for the benefit of our clientele.

Over the years, the team at SeaTec has earned itself a global reputation for providing efficient, reliable services that exceed the expectations of our clients – regardless of who they are or what time zone they are operating in. We are internationally recognised as a reputable, professional and reliable technical maintenance provider, delivering efficient, high-quality services and full project transparency. As the marine industry can be unpredictable, we believe the ability to react swiftly when needed is of paramount importance. Our efficient and reliable technical service is just one of the reasons SeaTec are the number one choice for the major shipping groups around the world.

At SeaTec, our team remains committed to delivering every service with efficiency and the utmost professionalism. Our highly-skilled, fully-qualified and motivated team of experts are in operation providing global support 24hrs a day, seven days a week. By working closely with you and your vessel, SeaTec can assist you in cementing operational continuity and maximising efficiency, nurturing growth and profitability, while also achieving full compliance with local regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are technical services?

Like many other industries across the world, the maritime sector is becoming increasingly dependent upon technology to deliver efficient, safe and environmentally friendly marine-centric services and solutions. From new builds, condition monitoring and inspections to repairs and proactive maintenance, maritime technical services can help you overcome operational complexities, reduce your overhead costs and give your business the boost that it needs to maximise productivity.

Why is it so vital to ensure shipping efficiency?

The shipping sector carries more than 80% of the world’s trade and is a crucial component of the global economy. As a result, ensuring the sector is productive and efficient is very important.

What is technical ship management?

As the name suggests, technical ship management generally refers to the technical maintenance of ships. It’s an important maritime services, carried out for the purpose of maintaining and operating vessels efficiently. Technical ship management is commissioned by an owner/operator. It can also refer to the operation and commercial management of a ship, including financial management and chartering, and crew management.

What roles are available in technical shipping?

There are plenty of onshore and offshore roles in technical shipping. For more information about the opportunities we have here at V.Group, have a look at our careers page.

Supporting a vast array of vessels including offshore ships, cargo ship and passenger yachts, V.Group utilise the skill and expertise of handpicked project managers and engineers to offer unrivalled technical services to the offshore, defence and shipping sectors.

Working under the V.Group umbrella, SeaTec supports hundreds of vessels in over 300 locations worldwide, efficiently repairing, maintaining, converting or refitting your vessel with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

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