Navigation & Communications

Premium shipping communication and navigation systems are integral to keeping your fleet in contact, on time, and on course. But premium comms often mean multiple suppliers, service contracts, and costs. So why not partner with a single supplier to keep all your marine comms and maintenance on the same wavelength?

As part of V.Group’s global reach, SeaTec specialises in all technical marine comms for the shipping industry, with an unrivalled choice of communications, navigation and entertainment equipment for vessels in every sector.

Together with a full installation service in all ports around the world, as well as shipyards for the installation of equipment on new builds, our skilled engineers cover the management and handling of onboard airtime services such as VSAT, Inmarsat and Iridium, as well as the required operating licenses.

With our integrated maintenance packages, we offer effective support to maintain and address any issues with your equipment in any port globally in the shortest time possible, ensuring risks, delays and costs are kept to a minimum on every vessel.

As well as partnerships with more navigational suppliers than any other service provider, SeaTec keeps your fleet connected, wherever you are, for safe and efficient voyage planning, both onboard and ashore, all around the world.

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