Supply Chain

Minimising your operational expenses is a proven practice, helping you to gain healthier margins and keep pace with your competitors. However, securing the best prices on every product and service you buy isn’t always easy. With the global buying power of V.Group helping to cut your input costs, operating an efficient and profitable service is an achievable goal.

As an independent contracting organisation, the Ship Supply Chain looks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all the services we offer to our customers, as well as your own. As we maximise our purchasing power, we’re able to lower the cost of service delivery for you.

The V.Group supply chain involves the thorough planning and overseeing of all activities involved with the sourcing, procurement and logistics across the group. It also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration between our suppliers and customers.

Our strategy ensures value is always added throughout the chain by removing unnecessary costs, focusing on increasing efficiency, and removing bottlenecks. To make this happen, our systems are responsive to changing customer requirements and measure key performance indicators. Together, they ensure continuous product improvement in every area.


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Marcas is the world's leading maritime organisation. We appreciate that running a successful business whilst obtaining products and services at a low price is extremely difficult. If you join the Marcas network you benefit straight away from our purchasing power on a global scale.

When you join our network we will never take control of your ordering, logistics or invoicing. We just aim to deliver you opportunities, benefits and savings.

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