Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance

With a global network, SeaTec can provide inspection, repair and maintenance services to any vessel, anywhere in the world. SeaTec’s inspection, repair and maintenance solutions provide added value for your organisation. In addition to quick turnaround time and global quality assurance, you’ll have a full picture of vessel maintenance interventions carried out across SeaTec.

Inspection Services

SeaTec is a global maritime service provider specialising in ship and class record inspections. Being part V.Group, SeaTec are held in the highest regard by ship owners, brokers, and managers all around the world.

If you’re retaining your certification for minimum cost by completing in house annual inspections, it could impact your ability to compete for profitable business. SeaTec can supply expert, detailed reports that help you plan for ongoing maintenance, while helping reduce its cost.

Using high tech tools and a web-based delivery system, SeaTec cover 10 key areas:

  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Condition inspections
  • Pre and post finance inspections
  • Pre-vetting inspections
  • Scrap voyage assessment inspections
  • Casualty and damage investigations
  • P&I inspections
  • Flag state inspection
  • Class record inspections
  • Off hire and on hire surveys

Each report contains exhaustive information, including images and video, all available to view through a secure online login whenever and wherever you are. With an accurate summation of the condition of your vessel, you’ll be able to benchmark your entire fleet and reduce maintenance costs.

Repair Services

Repairs to any of your operational vessels can result in a period of off hire that’s both time consuming and expensive, with the added risk of being out of circulation at a crucial time. What if your future repairs were delivered on time, on spec and with full transparency?

As a V.Group ISO9001:2015 accredited company, SeaTec is a marine refit company specialising in turnkey repair and upgrade projects with quality assurance in production, installation, and servicing.

Working on hundreds of ships every year, our industry leading project management skills and systems will allow us to reduce your project costs by up to 20%, while supplying vessel owners with afloat repairs, maintenance, installations and refurbishments on a global scale.

Using hand-picked local riding squads from strategic locations around the world, your SeaTec core team consists of a trained crew of experienced project managers, engineers and workforce colleagues. Together, they can react at short notice to provide you with a fast track service for any complex project.

With an enviable reputation for high standards and a cost-effective service, SeaTec are recognised by many major shipping groups as a service leader with experience in voyage and port repairs on all types of ships and marine vessels.

Our thorough processes mean we can issue you daily updates on both the progress made against plan, and the next steps for your project, so you can be confident of a successful project delivery without any nasty surprises.

Combining the services and project management you need, SeaTec can give you the right team for your requirements, getting your ship back on hire, on time.

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