SeaTec provides engineering and operational expertise to support new building, repairs and conversion projects to meet the needs of the shipping, offshore and defence industries.

New Build Supervision

Undertaking a new build project for any of your shipping vessels is an operational commitment that demands the highest of quality control. But supervising your build from a different continent is a major obstacle – until now.

As part of the V.Group, SeaTec offers you a comprehensive new build supervision service, complete with on-site inspections and project management, giving you the assurances you need that your vessel is built to the highest of exacting standards.

Every new build supervision team is made up of carefully selected specialists and a dedicated and experienced Project Manager. They have the technical, operational and commercial experience to manage your vessel build project, overseeing its progress and keeping you informed every step of the way.

Together we give you a flexible resource for new build or conversion projects for any seafaring vessel. We guarantee 100% vessel specification from start to finish, whether it’s based in a shipyard, a subcontractor workshop or a manufacturer’s works, anywhere around the world.

Engineering & Consultancy

The life of your new shipping vessel starts with precision design and specification; our engineering skills make sure your newest vessel is fully fit for purpose.

Our SeaTec marine engineering team offer an integrated package of services, supplying new build design and engineering consultancy knowledge to the shipping industries around the world.

Using a comprehensive library of cutting-edge software, the team take your vessel through the intricate design drafting stages using CAD, 3D modelling and monitoring analysis software, meeting national and international standards every step of the way. SeaTec engineering services also go beyond ship design, covering new construction, asset integrity health checks and full dry-dock build project management.

Each service is carried out by a dedicated team of project managers, design engineers, systems engineers and naval architects. Working together, our technical skills and operational ship management experience will design the vessel you need and deliver the detailed specification required to ensure a build of excellence.

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