Adding Value To Your Assets

Our competencies mean that our customers can invest in their key differentiators – their assets – while we support safe operations as marine provider. V.Group’s maritime heritage means that we have spent decades, and extensive resources, on developing best practices for marine operations. We pride ourselves to operate safely and compliantly, with a safety record second to none. Safety has been, and always will be at the heart of all of our operations.

As owners continue in their attempt to lower costs and balance the books, the popularity to hand over the crewing and operating management ensuring high quality operation is on the rise. Our comprehensive portfolio of services will ensure operational support, whilst our global footprint will provide a consistent service at any geographical areas. Investing in training centres of excellence around the globe, we can provide the offshore industry with the most experienced and highly qualified seafarers in the world.

Benefiting from our Group’ operations, we are able to leverage cost effectiveness to ensure a viable cost saving solution when working with us. We consistently strive to optimise all aspects of vessel management operations and deliver greater value for our customers, whilst ensuring safe and environmentally compliant operations.

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