We seek the best young talent in the marine industry. To ensure only the best candidates qualify, we have set acceptance criteria for the program that is as consistent as possible across locations. We seek to leverage the expertise of our partner institutions and trust in their processes and heritage of selecting quality marine talent.


As a standard we accept entrants to the Cadet Program who are between 18 and 24 years old. Older candidates may be accepted upon consideration.


Our preferred recruits are Cadets who are entering their 1st year of academic programs at our partner institutions.
In countries where we do not have partner institutions we accept candidates on the basis of their qualifications and the quality of institution. We also recruit Cadets in their 4th year of study on a case by case basis.


For Cadets entering outside of our partner institutions we have a detailed table on required qualifications by country in the appendix.

Screening tests

All candidates will be subject to the following tests for acceptance:

  • APRO ability test
  • PI & PLI tests
  • Test of Spoken English (TOSE)
  • Interview Panel

For our preferred sourcing methods (via partner institutions) we do not consider academic qualifications prior to entry. Instead we trust the expertise of our partners in selecting suitable students.

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