The V.Group Cadet Program is a world-class training program designed to develop, equip and shape ambitious and self-motivated individuals with the skills and qualifications needed to start their career in international commercial shipping. Cadets graduating the program will be ready to become high-performing Junior Officers onboard V.Group managed vessels, and will go on to become the next generation of leaders at V.

Building the Future Maritime Workforce
The Maritime Industry is facing a global shortage of Officers, compounded by fluid geopolitical realities and a rapidly evolving technical and regulatory environment. It has never been more important to attract high quality talent that can adapt and embrace technical innovation, decarbonisation initiatives and the changing interface between Onboard colleagues and Shore-based colleagues.

Our vision
Developing the next generation of leaders within V.Group who demonstrate high performance and champion our values and culture

Our mission

  • Select the best talent from leading maritime institutions in key sourcing regions
  • Instill V.Group values and behaviours in our Cadets
  • Nurture our Cadets with best in class onboard training and development opportunities for career progression.

How we measure success

  • % Junior Officer sourcing via Cadet Program
  • % of Cadet Hiring via Partner Institutions
  • Cadet Retention Rate
  • % Gender Diversity
  • Cadet Satisfaction (NPS)
  • Workplace Safety Score

What is the Cadet Program?
The Cadet Program seeks to attract the most talented young men and women into V.Group to pursue a maritime career. We seek to nurture and shape them in to becoming future leaders who are highly motivated, take pride in their work and align with our values and safety culture.

Program coverage

The program focuses on developing future V.Group Officers through the following cadet ranks:

  • Deck Officer Cadets
  • Engine Officer Cadets
  • Electrical Officer Cadets
  • Trainee Fitters
  • Catering Trainees

General Program Structure

The Cadet Program works alongside and in tandem with the educational program conducted within a Maritime Academy or Institution. The V.Group Cadet Program Includes:

  • Hiring and selection of Cadets
  • Academic monitoring, support and mentoring throughout study period
  • Sea Time experience arranged onboard a V.Group managed vessel
  • Review of Training Record Book progress
  • VCMS completion tracking
  • Licensure exam administration support
  • Promotion reviews for promotion from Cadet to Junior Officer

A Global Program
The Cadet Program is present in over 10 countries and will continue to expand. We continue to seek opportunities to expand our officer pool and build competency within emerging markets. Cadets in country are supported by regional Cadet Planners and local Training Centre Managers, alongside their institution.

Regional management structure
We have dedicated regional planners who coordinate Cadets across countries within their regions, and work with our local offices to ensure on-the-ground support is available where needed, including coordination with the academic institutions.
This model ensures that our cadets interests are always represented at a local level and at a global level. The regional management structure also allows us to expand the program flexibly, via leveraging our existing office locations and/or partnering with institutions in country, meaning we can bring the program to more aspiring officers around the world.

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