V. Group graduate – Almudena Arjona

V.Group Graduate Programme 2021

Profile on Almudena Arjona 

The V.Group graduate programme offers a diverse range of opportunities for those with a maritime related degree. One of our Monaco based graduates, Almudena Arjona, describes her journey within the programme so far. Almudena Arjona

Briefly tell us about your background – what did you study at university, where and when?

I am originally from Madrid, Spain. I started my degree in Naval Architecture in 2013 at the Technical University in Madrid.

When I was in the second semester of my fourth year I moved to Menorca where I did an internship of six months in a small new building shipyard. I learned a lot during those months, but I decided to go back to Madrid to start my masters at the same university. During the second and last year of the masters I studied abroad in Lisbon, at the Instituto Superior Tecnico.

While in Lisbon I applied for the graduate programme of V.Group and as the process was quite long, I also applied to another internship to work for three months in a shipyard in the Canary Islands. Finally, I was accepted in both, so after Lisbon I went directly to work in the repair shipyard and after the three months, I started my work with VGroup.

What attracted you to the V.Group grad programme?

The first thing that I liked was the opportunity of working in different fields within the same company. I have always believed that it is essential for a company that the workers understand what their colleagues are doing as well as what they do, and more in this kind of business where everything is connected and eventually you will need to work together.  Also, the possibility of being on board a vessel was exciting. As a naval engineer I think it is important to have the experience of living on board so we can develop our work with a full understanding of it.

Finally, not only working in different fields, but in different countries was attractive for me. With my experience so far, I can say that living abroad has made me the person that I am now. It helps you understand different cultures, meet people from different countries, traditions, languages and learn how to take care of yourself but also ask for help when needed.

When I saw the offer, I felt like I could not only learn a lot in the naval business but also grow as a person.

What were the initial few weeks like? What were the easy parts and what was difficult?

During the first two weeks of the programme, all the graduates from my cohort were together in Glasgow to undergo training. After those two weeks, each of us started our placements.

In my case, I moved to Monaco where I started working with Marcas. The first week was focused on meeting my new colleagues and trying to understand their work and what I would be doing. I had to gather a lot of information, but I really appreciate that they all spent time with me, it was helpful.

I felt very welcomed by the team and that made everything easier to adapt to my new life. I can say that I am lucky with the team that I work with.

What is the single most important thing you have learned during your time in the grad programme?

I would say that the most important thing is to remember that we all work as a team, no matter if we work in different countries or fields. We all work for the same organisation and respect and collaboration is fundamental.

What would you say to anyone considering applying for V.Group’s graduate programme in 2020?

It is a one-time opportunity in life and even though the selection process takes some time it is completely worth it. Go for it!

Applications for the V.Group graduate programme close on 31st March 2021. More information, including how to apply and the applicant criteria, can be found on the website. If you have any questions about the programme, please contact us at graduate.recruitment@vgrouplimited.com.