World Maritime Day Looks to New Technologies for Environmental Sustainability

As we mark this year’s World Maritime Day on 29 September we take the opportunity to reflect on V.Group’s work in using technology in environmental sustainability.

Matt Dunlop recently took the helm as Director of Sustainability and Decarbonisation at V.Group and has been paramount in ensuring V.Group’s success in partnering with the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping.  Matt travels to the Center every two weeks in Copenhagen to support their work and provide practical, real life guidance on safe solutions to achieve decarbonisation aims.

Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping has identified five critical levers that stakeholders could activate to meet the current challenges.

The five levers to pull

  1. Technical advancements on ships
  2. Energy and fuel advancements
  3. Policy and regulation
  4. Finance sector mobilization
  5. Customer demand/pull

The largest and perhaps one of the most challenging issues the shipping industry will face over the next ten years is how to reduce its carbon footprint.  For new vessels this will be driven by the adoption of new technology and fuel types and, earlier this year, V.Group won the contract to manage three LNG Dual Fuel VLCCs for their long term partner International Seaways, Inc. For existing vessels it will be about optimisation and potential energy saving retrofits and other work, such as propellor polishing and hull cleaning.

V.Group’s ShipSure digital platform also plays an important part in helping vessel owners understand their current position with data and insights. By using the platform throughout their fleet, V.Group has been able to consolidate, categorise and analyse vessel performance data to define the current situation.  For example: by using the insight, V.Group can identify the best greenhouse gas reduction options available and work with customers to choose a way forward that will allow for compliance.

Today, and increasingly in the future, V.Group will be relied upon to lead the way towards lowering carbon emissions, and new technologies will provide greater understanding of what is possible.


You can read more about V.Group’s ShipSure digital platform here