Women’s network launches in Monaco

With an international shipping career spanning 27 years V.Group’s Ingrid Gantard has been the driving force behind the launch of the Women’s International Shipping & Trade Association (WISTA) branch in Monaco.

Making her inaugural speech at the monthly Propeller Club Monaco meeting, Ingrid gave an overview of the importance of WISTA in supporting women in management roles in our industry. WISTA has over 2,300 members in 37 countries and has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the early 1970s.


“I have been working in Monaco for nearly 20 years and was a member of WISTA France. Apart from the Propeller Club, there are very few opportunities for women in management roles to network. It’s not about drinks and dinner, we’re talking about vessel visits, from the bridge to the engine room, mentoring the next generation who want to make a career in shipping and organising conferences. And we want to engage in field trips that help to build knowledge of our industry.”

As well as the local events and networking opportunities, Ingrid and the rest of the board will be looking at wider networking opportunities with WISTA communities in Switzerland, Italy and France.