V.Ships Ukraine opens new Seafarer Centre in Odessa to provide enhanced support for seafarers

V.Ships Ukraine has recently opened a new Seafarer Centre in Odessa. The new facility serves as an extension of the main crewing offices and provides first-hand support to seafarers in areas such as recruitment, mobilisation, crew claims and personal welfare as well as in navigating digital tools such as the V.Crew Connect Seafarer app.

In enhancing its training facilities, V.Group recognises the importance of investing in staff welfare, training and retention by providing consistent and personalised support either over the phone or in person, depending on their needs.

The inauguration of this new centre was led by Allan Falkenberg, Group Managing Director of Crew Management, Captain Igor Safin, Managing Director of V.Ships Ukraine and Karen-Marie Kragelund, Embark Change Lead.

“V.Ships moves with the times. With modern technology, we are able to provide the best services and support for staff, which means that seafarers in Ukraine now have the opportunity to conveniently get support and assistance at any time they want or need. The V.Ships Ukraine SFC demonstrates our commitment to universal values of family, health, time, the environment and a rich social life. These things are important, and worth investing in. The happier people are, the better our crews perform” commented Captain Igor Safin.