V.Ships Germany & Hamburg School of Business Collaborate

HSBA, the leading business school in Hamburg, will be assisting V.Ships Germany in a market research project that has the objective to understand current and future ESG requirements of the shipping industry compared to other peer industries and evaluate the value chain analysis of different customers’ profiles.

The project, that will last until quarter 1 2022, will provide exposure to our Group to a different set of ESG requirements coming not only from the shipping industry and will give us a significant competitive advantage to understand where to position ourselves to deliver the best service to our customers” commented Loris di Maio, Head of Operational Excellence of V.Ships.

V.Ships Germany and HSBA first began to discuss this potential project earlier this year and, after reaching an agreement regarding the way forward, the project commenced officially on 21 September.  HSBA Professor Stefan Prigge and a team of 11 international students currently involved in the HSBA Ms.C. Business Development were invited at that time to the V.Ships Germany office in Hamburg to discuss the project with Ulla Nielsen, Bjoern Sprotte and Loris Di Maio.

Commenting on their first meeting with V.Ships Germany, HSBA’s Professor Stefan Prigge said:  “We had a very motivating kick-off meeting at the premises of V.Ships in Hamburg.  ESG is one of the topics of the moment that particularly appeals to young people.  In addition, the fact that three high-ranking representatives of V.Ships gave up 90 minutes of their time showed us that the project is really important for V.Ships and that there is great interest in the results and recommendations of our student project group.”