V.Ships attends first HiLo container vessel workshop

Colleagues from across V.Group recently attended a workshop organised by HiLo (High Impact Low Frequency) to share safety data to predict and prevent safety risks on container vessels.

The workshop, organised by HiLO, which shares safety data and knowledge from a range of organisations such as UK Chamber of Shipping, Maersk and Lloyd’s Register, was the first of its kind and aims to develop a HiLo risk model for container vessels.

V.Ships was one of the founding 10 members of HiLo, together with Shell, Maersk tankers and Lloyd’s Register Consulting, and has contributed to the successful implementation of a risk model for tankers.

Mike Bradshaw, Global Head of HSEQ, said: “Building on our experience with the tanker model, we are now helping HiLo develop a similar model for container vessels.  We also recently helped them with the bulk carrier model which is now starting to roll out.

“Using our experience from across V.Group, including HSEQ Manager Dennys Wulf, who joins us from Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt in Hamburg, we will support HiLo in constructing a container vessel analytical risk model, assessing and addressing the risks affecting container vessels.

“From stack collapses to container fires, the new model will bring together existing industry knowledge with issues exclusive to container shipping.”

Following the success of the first workshop, a second workshop is planned for March with the risk model scheduled for completion in Quarter 3, 2019.