V.Group’s success at Crew Connect Global Awards 2020

V.Group is delighted to have won, not one, but two awards at this year’s Crew Connect Global Awards, respectively namely the “Innovation and Adoption of Technology” and the “Safety at Sea” awards.

Innovation and Adoption Technology Award

Awarded to nominees demonstrating a significant contribution to moving the maritime industry along the digital technology track to positively impact crews in any of the following areas: Marine Training and Education / Seafarer welfare /Seafarer recruitment or engagement /Professional advancement.

This first award was received by our V.Crew team in recognition of our mobile app enabling effective and safe mobilisation processes during Covid-19.  The mobile application provided to all seafarers of V.Group pools has become a key tool providing connectivity for thousands of seafarers and enabling effective and safe mobilisation processes during Covid-19 impacted circumstances. The mobile application enabled seafarers of all nationalities to receive and review their next planned assignments, to enrol and complete training assignments, and to scan and upload all necessary documentation directly to the central database.

V.Group was also shortlisted in this category for its latest Port State Control (PSC) digital tool and SIRE Performance Analysis Platform. Proud to innovate and push boundaries in its drive for operational learning and safety excellence, V.Group has developed a Port State Control Performance analysis tool and Performance Analysis Platform to manage risk. Both tools move the industry along the digital technology track and help advance the profession.

Safety at Sea Award

Awarded to a company, individual or team who have implemented significant technical or procedural improvements leading to reduction of risk to human life at sea.

We also won the Safety at Sea category, in light of our technical and procedural improvements which demonstrate our commitment to safety and the highest standards of safety training in the industry. The safety and wellbeing of crew and colleagues is at the heart of everything we do at V.Group and integral to all forms of training and career progression.

Receiving the award on V.Group’s behalf, Mike Bradshaw, Global Head of HSEQ, commented: “Safety and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do, supported through our company value, ‘We Care’. Over the past five years, we’ve given a great deal of focus towards improving safety culture throughout the organisation. These efforts are being supported through our involvement in industry initiatives such as the Partners in Maritime Safety Programme, HiLo, and more recently, the UK Chamber of Shipping Safety Charter.”

“Despite the challenges presented in 2020 throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, V.Group has maintained its commitment to the highest level of safety excellence in the industry. In closing, I’d like to thank the Crew Connect Global panel for recognising V.Group with these awards. I’d also like to thank all our colleagues, especially our seafarers onboard. These awards are testament to the hard work and efforts undertaken by all in continuously striving for safety excellence”.