V.Group supports the ‘Flying Angel’ campaign

In these challenging times it is worth remembering that our seafarers play a significant role in keeping the global economy running by supplying essential goods such as foods, fuel, medicine and equipment.

Given that seafarers have been on the front line in the global fight against Covid-19, V.Group proudly supports the important work of the Mission to Seafarers and has specifically donated to its flagship ‘Flying Angel’ fundraising campaign.

V.Group is proud to have helped the Mission in reaching its aim to exceed a funding total of £600,000 to deliver this programme, which, in turn, will have significant benefits to the entire industry.

Today, many seafarers remain trapped on vessels unable to complete their contracts and disembark. There are also many seafarers who are stranded ashore, unable to start their contracts.  Although circumstances are improving with some crew changes being made possible, it is clear that seafarers are still suffering, and their mental health and wellbeing will continue to be significantly impacted in the long term.

The funds raised will enable the Mission to continue to adapt its service delivery channels to safely meet the welfare needs of seafarers.

About the Missions to Seafarers

For more than 150 years, The Mission to Seafarers has brought compassion and care to seafarers in desperate need around the world. The Mission to Seafarers is a great source of support for anyone working in the industry and have been helping seafarers since the 19th century.

Over 90% of world trade is carried by sea, providing work to 1.5 million seafarers. Shipping is a truly international industry and in today’s global market it is possible to have a Greek-owned vessel, registered in Malta, with officers from India and a mixed crew from Thailand, Indonesia, Vanuatu and the Philippines.

In these extremely challenging times, The Mission has carefully considered its response to the Covid-19 pandemic which is having such a major effect on all our lives.

For more information, and should you wish to support the Mission, please visit: www.missiontoseafarers.org