V.Group support Call to Action on decarbonisation

Ian El-Mokadem, V.Group CEO supports the Call to Action on decarbonisation at the Global Maritime Forum in Hong Kong.

Climate change is a serious social and economic challenge. As business leaders from across the shipping value chain, we endorse the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Vision to phase out greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as soon as possible. We encourage public and private collaboration to demonstrate leadership through timely and appropriate action. We urge our business peers to join us, as we stand committed to support this challenge and to thrive within a changing context. The IMO Strategy – to reduce the total annual GHG emissions from international shipping by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 – is a step towards achieving GHG emissions reductions consistent with the Paris Agreement temperature goals. To achieve this, the shipping industry needs to further improve operational and technical energy efficiency, and must transition to zero carbon fuels and new propulsion systems. It must do this whilst ensuring safety standards are maintained and possibly enhanced.

To see the full call to action visit:https://www.globalmaritimeforum.org/content/2018/10/Call-to-action-in-support-of-decarbonization-.pdf