V.Group selected as partner to Nordic Tankers Trading’s new specialist ship management company

Nordic Tankers Trading has announced their intention to create a new company and selected V.Group as a partner to invest in the specialist ship management ship operations in Scandinavia.

The new company, Dania Ship Management, will be created from the foundation of Nordic Tankers’ current operations including their core team. Nordic Tankers’ chief operating officer Carsten Brix Ostenfeldt will take the helm and the business will be based at Nordic Tankers’ Copenhagen headquarters.

Clive Richardson, chief executive officer V.Group says: “Partnering with Nordic Tankers provides us the opportunity to not only offer our specialist ship management expertise in Scandinavia for sophisticated vessels, but also continue to invest in our wider marine services in this region. With our global footprint and technical expertise and Nordic Tankers’ local marketing knowledge this partnership is in line with our growth strategy.”

Per Sylvester Jensen, chief executive officer Nordic Tankers Trading adds: “We are very excited to partner with V.Group to safeguard and further expand our business. With our shared commitment to safety, efficiency and quality, I am confident that with our local market knowledge and V.Group’s global expertise we will be in a strong position to proactively respond to the increasing requirements of the international shipping sector.”

The full press release can be viewed on the Nordic Tankers Trading website