V.Group: Seafarer Vaccine Programme

While the COVID-19 situation is improving in many countries, the number of cases is still increasing in many parts of the world, making vaccines more important than ever.

Recently, V.Group successfully completed the vaccination of 13 Indian seafarers on board a Falcon Maritime vessel, CABRERA, in Port Everglades, USA. This was the first V.Ships vessel to give vaccines on board. These crew members represent the start of our plans to roll out vaccines globally to all of our seafarers.

Franck Kayser, Dania Ship Management Managing Director, commented: ‘’We are grateful to the USA and in particular to the Port Everglades Authorities, for identifying the necessity for seafarers to be vaccinated.’’

We recently wrote to our seafarers explaining that we fully support the vaccination programmes being rolled out by nations across the globe and believe that vaccinations are an important step in restoring a level of normality post COVID-19.

We are working closely with Industry Associations to ensure seafarers are recognised by UN bodies as ‘key workers’ and, as such, countries should vaccinate seafarers at the earliest possible opportunity.

Vaccinations are not mandatory at V.Group, however, we do recommend that all colleagues, onboard or onshore, follow the guidance of their respective governments and get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as the vaccine is available in their home country.

We are also encouraging all our seafarers and colleagues to continue to strictly follow COVID-19 protocols, even after having the vaccine. This means that public health measures, such as safe distancing, mask wearing and the use of safe transport and good hand hygiene, are mandatory.

V.Group will be following the global situation closely and will share with colleagues any new developments on the vaccination roll out.