V.Group joins Together in Safety to create a safer industry

‘Together in Safety’ is an initiative that brings together leading maritime organisations with the shared goal of creating a safer industry for our people, our partners and the public. With the common purpose of working together to improve safety performance, Together in Safety is made up of CEOs and leaders of a wide range of organisations. Their guiding principles are to help make safety the number  one priority; create a safety culture that looks to reduce accidents rather than lay blame; and share information freely to help us all drive safety standards.

In line with our core value “We Care”, our journey involves working with industry partners to strive towards safety excellence and further improve the safety culture throughout our organisation. As a committed member of Together in Safety, V.Group was delighted to contribute to the group’s latest report, highlighting how the shipping industry can unite to further improve safety.

Together in Safety Report  

Published last month, the Together in Safety Report features a case study which shows how V.Group made the conscious decision to make operational learnings from leading events a key part of its overall safety culture strategy, ultimately harnessing the power of data.

“Effective utilisation of data has been a game-changer. The strengthened reporting culture across their fleet has enabled V.Group to measure the weak signals that could potentially lead to serious incidents. By listening to the safety messages coming from the sharp end of their business, and committing and delivering on their actions, V.Group is driving a positive change with the right leadership mindset.” Together in Safety Report.

“Collaboration across our industry will make the step change we need in safety, and ‘Together in Safety’ is the vehicle we need to drive that collaborative approach. The Golden Safety Rules are a perfect example of how, by working together and sharing our collective best practices and information, we can unite the industry for the benefit of all. The Rules are straightforward, easy to understand and I hope that our industry can commit to implementing them.”  Graham Westgarth, V.Group Chairman.

Download the report at www.togetherinsafety.info

Neptune Declaration

Our commitment to joining Together in Safety comes in addition to our involvement with the Neptune Declaration which aims to safeguard Seafarer Wellbeing and facilitate Crew Change. V.Group recently became a signatory of the Declaration, along with over 400 maritime industry stakeholders.

Having worked with partners and stakeholders across the globe to ensure and improve crew safety and wellbeing, we believe a continuation of work towards concrete actions to facilitate and keep the vital global supply chain functioning is of critical importance.

As the industry continues to face Covid-19 related challenges, we believe that the most effective way of addressing these and building a more resilient industry, is by working together across the value chain with industry stakeholders.