V.Group Glasgow office recognised for outstanding safety by Chamber of Shipping of America

V.Group has once again demonstrated the level of commitment that exists across our entire business when it comes to safety. Colleagues in our Glasgow office have picked up a Jones F. Devlin award from the Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) for operating 82 of its vessels for a total of 439 years with no lost time injuries.

The Jones F. Devlin Award publicly recognises the skill and dedication of the men and women who are responsible for safe vessel operations both at sea and on shore. Certificates are awarded to all manned merchant vessels that have operated for a full two years or more without a crew member suffering a lost time injury. It is one of the two safety programmes that the CSA has sponsored since 1968.

Graham Westgarth, CEO, V.Group commented: “This award demonstrates V.Group’s significant commitment to investment in training and digitalisation to develop staff in the maritime sector both ashore and at sea, and the direct impact of this approach. We are proud to see this recognised by the CSA and that a total of 82 vessels achieving this award showcases our ship management techniques and expert staff are delivering excellence across the board as well as putting safety as our top priority.”