V.Group crew put safety training into action to save lives

Safety and crew competence is at the core of our service offering here at V.Group. From risk management and behavioural safety to firefighting equipment and maintenance, our global pool of circa 44,000 seafarers has access to extensive and ongoing training, ensuring crew are always equipped to deal with any safety-critical issues that may occur at sea or onshore.

This month, two of our crews put this training into action – demonstrating the commitment to go above and beyond the call of duty we ingrain in all our colleagues here at V.Group.

The crew on board the Sea Pluto proved their proactive and confident approach to unexpected events, when, during preparations for cargo loading, the chief officer noticed smoke and fire on a nearby pier conveyor belt at the Console Marine Terminal in Baltimore and raised the alarm.

Captain Roderick Catacutan led his crew in methodically preparing the vessel’s fire hoses and, united, they worked to contain the fire ahead of the fire department’s arrival.

The US coastguard praised the actions of all of the seafarers on board the Sea Pluto who helped fight the fire. In a letter to the crew, Captain J B Loring from the US Coastguard said, “a strong shared maritime stewardship is absolutely vital to the safety and security of the regions marine transportation system, and [their] actions prevented further damage to one of the regions primary coal export conveyor systems.”

Following this event, colleagues on board the crude oil tanker, Lion King, were also praised after rescuing a Dutch yachtsman whose boat was sinking in the Atlantic.

After receiving a distress message from the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) Ponte Delgada in the Azores, the Lion King’s master, Captain Olessi Barba, jumped into action and diverted his vessel to rescue Martinus Petrus Theodorus who had been out sailing his yacht alone. Following the rescue, Martinus was treated onboard and found to be in good health.

The achievements of both these crews in acting swiftly and rationally resulted in preventing a major incident. These actions are a prime example of V.Group seafarers going above and beyond to ensure the safety of others at sea and in port.

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