V.Group announces simpler, more responsive organisation

V.Group has today announced a new simpler organisation structure, which aims to make customers the focus of decision making and to set new standards in ship management and marine services performance.

As part of the changes, V.Group’s regional technical operations will report directly to the CEO, ensuring faster decision making and higher customer intimacy. Regional operations will be supported by a number of specialist functions allowing every customer to benefit from V.Group’s deep technical knowledge and global scale.

The new organisation will eliminate unnecessary reporting layers, clearly define accountability and enable increased investment in group-wide talent development, systems and technologies.

Elliot Gow, Head of Marine Services said: “We are in the business of building trust – our customers are looking for a professional and responsive partner to manage their assets. In addition to delivering high performance, we need to ensure we are closer to our customers so that we can respond quickly to their requirements.”

By creating a simpler organisation, V.Group will also be able to focus its specialist teams on creating new services to help customers extract more value from their assets. One example is investment in technology.

“We are investing substantially in our IT platform and as market leader are committed to leverage new digital technologies for our customer’s benefit,” said John Pattullo, V.Group Chairman. “This new simpler structure should help us become more agile and innovative while ensuring we consistently meet the needs of our customers.”