Using data from oil samples helps us identify potential equipment issues

Our SeaTec Condition Monitoring business examined the results of oil samples collected from a range of vessel types during 2016, to understand which equipment would most likely cause problems in the future.

The results were presented in three states – good, caution and critical for each vessel type and then correlated to give an overview of potential areas for attention.

Fleet Machinery Health

While not conclusive due to other factors that can impact fleet health, the results show a quantified selection of equipment that is worth keeping a closer eye on. By reviewing trends and understanding baselines within these equipment categories, superintendents and engineers can further reduce risk of failure and the plethora of issues a failure can cause.

The analysis of vessel type was very interesting – we started to observe patterns unique to each vessel type from our data. And with our next data set due later this year, we’ll continue to develop the value of these insights as well correlating other factors into the analysis, which may also impact future fleet health.