Taking propeller efficiency to the next level

Fitting of a propeller boss cone fairing (PBCF) is an effective and inexpensive fuel saving device and can be fitted while the vessel is afloat with little disruption to schedule.

The PBCF is essentially a modified propeller boss cap with fins. By improving the flow around the boss, the PBCF will improve the propeller’s performance making it more fuel efficient.

Our underwater and afloat inspection, repair and maintenance business, UMC, were recently asked to replace a PBCF on a vessel during its scheduled stops at Antwerp and Rotterdam. The UMC dive team and project manager removed the old cap and seal during the call to Antwerp to allow the machining of the cone cap flange to be completed before installation of the new cap in Rotterdam. The new cap was positioned and the new seal was installed along with securing bolts. Showing good compression and no visible gaps the securing bolts were then tag welded for the final installation. Grease was then injected into the cone and the plug re-positioned.

The PBCF can be applied to existing fleets offering real savings and a quick return on the investment.