SIRE 2.0 takes centre stage at the 2023 International Chemical & Product Tanker Conference

In April, V. sponsored the International Chemical & Product Tanker Conference (ICPTC) in London, one of the maritime industry’s leading conferences focusing specifically on chemical and product tanker shipping.

Torben Hertel, Vetting Director at V., took part in a panel focusing on safety, efficiency and sustainability, examining the ways the new inspection regime is impacting tanker shipping and trade.

“With human factor-based SIRE 2.0 inspection soon to be a reality, a panel of Capt. Patrick Joseph, Capt. Howard N. Snaith and myself took to the stage to present and discuss latest updates from the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and the industry regards their expectation for the SIRE 2.0,” explains Torben.

Developed in conjunction with maritime industry partners, SIRE 2.0, will future proof the tanker inspection process in line with evolving risks, technology and expertise.

“We discussed the changes in SIRE 2.0 and the impact on tanker operations, as well as the new digital inspection process. Other topics included the implications of AI-driven vetting, the Chemical Distribution Institute’s future objectives and requirements for crew training to meeting the challenges of SIRE 2.0,” continues Torben.

A key focus of the discussion was the impact of SIRE 2.0 on the tanker segment, from tanker incident rates to continuous improvement strategies for tanker operators.

“All in all, the conference was well curated and raised areas of challenges. Importantly, ICPTC presented solutions for both chemical tanker operators and product tanker operators.”

For more information on SIRE 2.0 and how V. can assist your vessel, contact Freddy Michaelsen, Sales Director.