SeaTec Repairs is open for business in Hamburg

SeaTec Repairs, V.Group’s specialists in turn-key repairs and installations for the leisure and commercial shipping industry has established a base in Hamburg, alongside our existing ship management operations.

Led by Angelo Soraci, SeaTec Repairs will offer its wide range of services from engineering to laser scanning, project management and global execution of repairs, refit and installations on a turn-key basis or with riding squads.

Giuseppe Costa, V.Group’s director of Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services explains the importance of such a move: “Hamburg is fast becoming a world-class centre of excellence and we felt it was important to position our repair and installation business right in the heart of this. While our team deploys experts world-wide, we know our clients appreciate having someone locally to support them. Today more than in the past owners are challenged by complex installations such as ballast water treatment systems and we are now in Hamburg to provide the assistance they need.”