‘Stay safe and come home’ – New safety campaign from V.Group captures emotional appeals from seafarers’ families

As part of our drive to encourage safe behaviours at sea, V.Group has launched a new internal video campaign which features emotional appeals from the families of our seafarers urging their loved ones to practice safe behaviours at all times and to ‘come home safely’.

The video, which was produced in collaboration between the HSEQ team and Marlins, will be shared with all of our seafarers in order to add some emotional strengthening of our ongoing safety message which aims to reduce the number of accidents at sea.

The campaign forms part of V.Group’s wider safety programme, which aims to promote safe practice at every touch point in the company. More than 15 families from across the globe submitted videos of themselves with a picture of their loved one.

Matt Dunlop, Group Director, HSEQ, said:

“The use of family members is a powerful tool in our drive to further improve safety at sea and across V.Group as a whole. A simple reminder that your loved ones are waiting for you back home can go a long way in helping to reduce accidents and casualties at sea.

“It goes without saying that working safely is at the top of our agenda, wherever you work in V.Group. In this video, we hear from those that are most important to our seafarers, namely their families, delivering a simple message: stay safe and come home to us.”

Guided by our values, V.Group aims to deliver excellence in every area in which we operate, with safety being our number one priority. This year, we introduced a new HSEQ structure within Technical Management to enable quicker and more effective sharing of best practice, drive greater collaboration to support our safety culture and improve our collective performance.