Rapid underwater repair response avoids costly off hire for customer

When the call came in from a customer that their bulk carrier had collided with a smaller bulk carrier along the East Anchorages of Singapore, V.Group’s repair, inspection and maintenance experts – UMC – were quick to respond thanks to their global network of divers.

The diving team mobilized alongside the damaged vessel and performed an underwater assessment. They were able to confirm a vertical tear in the shell plating 150mm x 50mm and a second horizontal tear 8m long, 11m deep and approximately 800m at its widest point.

The extent of the damage was relayed to the owner through a detailed underwater inspection report along with recommendations for repair and engineering.

The repair involved the engineering design and fabrications of two cofferdams, installation and additional external underwater repair works. The cofferdams were critical to allow drainage of both ballast tanks to allow for internal inspection to establish the extent of any further repairs required from within the vessel’s shell plating.


Two further detailed inspections were carried out and repairs scheduled over a two-week period. Off hire time from the date of the incident to the vessel taking to the seas again was just over three weeks. Alan Trevarthen, manager UMC says: “Despite the fact we already had a full order book of planned activities on the day of the incident, we were able to draw on our wide network of experts to respond quickly to our customer. Our divers can quickly ascertain the extent of the damage and present the most cost effective solution to owners of all vessel types, including FPSOs, and marine and mooring units.”