V.Group granted ship management services accreditation for Russian flagged vessels in Russia

V.Group has taken its first Russian flagged vessel into full technical management following earlier successful accreditation of the St.Petersburg office from the Russian Register. The ship management services, which will be delivered by V.Ships operations in Limassol and BGI crewing operations in St. Petersburg, are a significant milestone, marking V.Group’s entry into this market.

The vessel – UMBA – owned by RPK Nord is permanently stationed in Murmansk and following successful inspection from one oil major that took place immediately after the change of management, she is supporting the oil industry as a storage tanker.

Vasilii Reznichenko, Russian Register said: “We are pleased to see V.Ships and BGI expand their services in this part of the world as a ship manager. Our review of the safety management system confirms the business has a unique tool to operate the vessels in a safe and efficient manner.”

Boris Komlev, managing director of BGI’s St Petersburg operations said: “With the largest crew network in the region, we are very pleased to be working with our colleagues in Limassol to provide a full technical ship management service for our clients here in Russia.”

Alex Halavins added: “This occasion is a celebration of teamwork and partnership – not only within our own business but with our clients and their customers as well as the shipping authorities. We are very excited at the opportunity to offer our leading ship management services to clients in Russia.”