New elearning courses help passenger ship crew cope under crisis

Safety at sea is relevant regardless of the vessel and it’s something that is top of mind for every seafarer. When it comes to passenger vessels there can be potentially hundreds of people who will come to rely on the crew in the event of a crisis therefore it’s critical that the crew can cope under pressure.

Marlins, V.Group’s specialist training business in collaboration with V.Ships Leisure has developed two elearning courses to help prepare crew manage a crisis and meet the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) Section A-V/2 paragraphs 1,2 and 3. The courses – Crisis Management and Human Behaviour and Crowd Management are approved by the UK MCA, Liberian Register and Dominican Maritime Authority.

Real life case studies to enhance the learning experience, something which the development team at Marlins place great importance on: “We create a learning experience that requires the participant to make decisions in role play scenarios that replicate as closely as possible the environment of a real life emergency on a passenger ship. This is critical so that in the event of a real emergency, they have an experience to draw on,” says Catherine Logie, Marlins manager.

Both elearning courses are available on the Marlins Learning Management System. The learner can study at their own pace, anywhere in the world and gain their approved STCW certificate quickly and easily. Something appreciated by seafarers:

“The training centre in Lima, Peru is far from my home so it was really convenient to be able to do the training online. The training was concise and comprehensive, giving me lots of explanations and showing some actual videos of those real incidents on board the ships. Thanks to Marlins I got my certificate without hassle.” Evelyn Icawalo

“I would like to thank Marlins for such good courses that can be reached easily. Each course is understandable even for people who don’t have good English. The best part is the videos and quiz at the end of each course.” Serkan Boyekin

“The Crowd Management course was very informative and it wasn’t too much information in one go. I liked being able to take the course on such short notice and it didn’t take that long to do – if I hadn’t been able to do this online, I would not have been able to join my new vessel.” Jan Hansrod

For further information about the Crisis Management and Human Behaviour and Crowd Management courses please visit