Move to global 24/7 supply chain support centre delivers results for MARCAS members

Following a successful trial, V.Group’s purchasing association MARCAS has introduced a 24/7 global supply chain service centre model. In line with our strategic pillars of ‘enhancing our operating model’ and ‘driving organic growth’, the Supply Chain team has moved from its previous transactional model to a 24/7, 365-day model that is delivering  real value to our customers and improved service to our Fleet Cells and seafarers.

“The transformation in our operating model was driven by the recognition that we work in an industry that never sleeps”, explains Mike Walden, Managing Director, Supply Chain, V.Group. “For our internal MARCAS customers, the introduction of 24/7 global coverage means our technical colleagues will see improved communication and speed of response from us, and at the times when they need it most.”

Joanne McCulloch, Head of MARCAS’ Regional Purchasing Centres, added, “The new model means that our teams in Glasgow, Limassol and Manila are able to support our technical colleagues with critical, urgent and time sensitive operational matters outside of standard office hours on a 24/7 basis.”

MARCAS is an association of shipping companies, which aggregates purchasing volume to obtain maximum value for goods and services in terms of price, quality, service, and assured supply and delivery. A highly reputable and dependable contracting association, MARCAS provides access to commodities and services volume agreements with over 290 suppliers. Its expert team of more than 100 colleagues across the world manage over $1billion of spend for more than 1,500 vessels.

As part of the project team’s trial-rollout process, users of the new system were asked to provide feedback on the service received and on the concept in general. Comments show that the change is being warmly welcomed, with the 24/7 support especially appreciated during weekends and in the case of emergencies.