Marlins elearning content updated for the leisure maritime sector

Working in collaboration with V.Ships Leisure, our training business Marlins has developed an elearning suite of material specifically for cruise ship personnel.

The course content, which has been adapted from existing content, has been designed to meet the training requirements of the cruise and leisure industry. With 30 cruise specific titles already in the elearning suite and more to follow, the courses have been installed on all vessels managed by V.Ships Leisure.

Catherine Logie, Marlins manager says: “Training for the leisure sector differs from training for cargo and offshore sectors. By working with our colleagues in this area, we have deepened our understanding of training for cruise ship personnel. This enabled us to develop content appropriate to their needs, delivered to V.Ships Leisure managed vessels via a bespoke networked system.”

Richard Evenhand, V.Ships Leisure head of training adds: “We have been working on developing this training capability for the leisure sector for a while and I’m delighted that we were able to do this in partnership with our own elearning specialists, drawing on their expertise of the wider shipping industry. Our leisure teams are not only responsible for vessels but for passengers too and therefore the requirements are very unique. We have developed a comprehensive online training suite with more planned and this allows our deck, engine and hospitality crew members the opportunity to learn at sea as well as ashore.”