InterManager’s “Maritime Champions League”

An international trade association for the ship management industry has launched a website to capture the number of successful crew changes completed during the current Covid-19 outbreak.

The website, which has been developed by InterManager, has been named the ‘Maritime Champions League’ and recognises the efforts of the seafaring community where ship managers can share their successful crew repatriation achievements, irrespective of whether they are in-house or third party.

To date, V.Ships has completed 2,889 changes. Of the 2,889 crew changes completed across 353 vessels, 928 were seafarers joining a new vessel and 1,901 being relieved. The crew changes have criss-crossed the world and included journeys across the world.

Marcin Wolasiewicz, Managing Director, Crew Management, said: “Despite the many challenges that the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak presents we have been able to provide services to our sea-going colleagues, with priority given to safety of all crew movements.

“This has been achieved through the efforts of everyone within the Covid-Crewing Command Centre and very close collaboration of Crewing Operations with the respective Fleet Cells, which ensured continuous crewing operations, safe manning of vessels, and maintained the safety of seafarers joining and returning from vessels.

“Since the start of the outbreak, many of our seafarers have been unfortunately stuck or quarantined while joining or leaving a vessel. By featuring in this table, it clearly demonstrates the efforts we are making to ensure crew changes can be made when safe to do so to the benefit of seafarers and our customers.”

“Given the importance of the situation, we remain focused and committed in securing safe crew changes for our colleagues at sea whenever and wherever possible.  We continue to actively lobby for the protection of our seafarers in the hope that there may be changes to legislation which will allow crew to disembark, despite the ongoing global restrictions”.