From serving seafarers on merchant fleets and cargo vessels to ensuring guests aboard cruise liners and luxury yachts enjoy a 5-star dining experience, Oceanic Catering provides a diverse range of services to satisfy and exceed the expectations of seafarers, crew and passengers alike.

As part of V.Group, Oceanic Catering are leading suppliers of catering and hospitality services with more than 20 years’ experience across commercial vessels of every sector, together with a wide range of hotel management services for cruise vessels and luxury yachts.

Oceanic Catering for a healthy crew

With the wellbeing of your crew given top priority, every menu is approved by certified nutritionists and created to satisfy the appetite and dietary requirements of every multinational crew member on board.

Supplying healthy, wholesome and safe meals on a controlled budget might be hard to achieve, but with our procurement resources, you have the opportunity to provide balanced meals with quality ingredients on a predetermined budget, improving the health, welfare, and wellbeing of your crew and offshore workers from day one.

Oceanic Catering for your luxury liner

Catering for guests and VIPs aboard luxury cruise liners and mega yachts requires a different, yet no less meticulous, approach from Oceanic to deliver the best onboard dining experience for every passenger.

Creating diverse menus to include a more indulgent, fine dining experience, featuring a wide array of gourmet food options, from light bites to haute cuisine, Oceanic cater for the taste and whim of every guest, together with the hotel management services to go with them.

Though your fine dining may still need to meet a limited, albeit a larger budget, our procurement advantage ensures every menu comes within it, and still meets the standard and quality your guests are expecting – no matter how delicious or extravagant.

From vessel crew meals to luxury cruise dining, Oceanic’s onshore and onboard culinary training meets exacting MLC standards. It’s a guarantee that catering personnel are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver freshly prepared meals for everyone on board.

Entrusted by fleet owners, ship managers and cruise operators on a daily basis, Oceanic can take care of all your dining needs and expectations.

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