Isle of Man Government funds five Manx V.Group cadets in conjunction with the Maritime Education Foundation

The Isle of Man Government has confirmed an increase in funding for Manx cadets, enabling V.Group, in conjunction with the Maritime Education Foundation to offer an additional five cadetships in the 2017/18 intake. Previously the Government and Maritime Education Foundation funded two positions.

V.Group currently has six Manx cadets in its programme and this will now increase to 11 with the announcement of this additional funding.

Funding for the cadets from the Isle of Man Government is provided by the Department of Economic Development, working with its own division of the Isle of Man Ship Registry, with the Maritime Education Foundation making up the rest.

Andy Cook, V.Group’s global crew operations director says: “This investment by the Isle of Man Government is welcomed by V.Group to enable us, along with our industry partners, to continue to invest in our cadet programme.”

Dick Welsh, IOM Ship registry added: “We are delighted that local ship management companies are committed to training Manx cadets and the Government is more than happy to support this initiative. Maritime forms a key sector on the Isle of Man and we see this as an essential element to train and develop the leaders of the future. We have been working with a group formed from the shipping companies and the Ship Registry to promote maritime careers in schools, and are delighted with this commitment from V.Group.”