High Quality Ship Management for the Indian Market

An interactive two-day “Sailing into 2020” seminar was hosted by V.Group at the Chennai office in December 2019 for customers and seafarers of V.Ships India. The key topic for discussion was focusing on V.Group’s ability to provide consistent, high quality ship management during these challenging times for the maritime sector.

Delegates were given the opportunity to listen and discuss the latest updates to the Fleet Cell operating model, and how learn about how operations are supported by a rigorous safety culture.

Manikandan Muthusamy, General Manager of V.Ships Ship Management, opened the seminar with a welcome address and outlined V.Group’s vision for the future. He commented:

“Uniting our customers and seafarers at an interactive seminar provides a platform for collaboration and is an opportunity to further understand how our customers think about service delivery in an unpredictable and heavily changing industry.

“At V.Group, we see value in ensuring our Fleet Cells are committed, proud of their vessels and have the flexibility and knowledge to problem solve efficiently and creatively. We invest in extensive training and provide a support network and digital assets to offer the very best service possible.”

The seminar also discussed new rules and regulations that will impact the maritime industry and key lessons about seafarer employment with presentations from Michael Elwert, Chief Operating Officer, V.Ships; Sumant Ahlawat, Fleet Manager, V.Ships; Captain Rajesh Tandon, Global Director, Industrial relations and Seafarer Development, V.Group and Mike Bradshaw, Global Head of HSEQ.