Global Marine Travel, invests in Argo Travel Group

London, 20 January: Global Marine Travel (GMT), announced today that it has partnered with Argo Travel Group to enhance its travel offering particularly in terms of service delivery and driving growth in the Greek and international markets.

In Argo, Global Marine Travel, gains a marine partner with an experienced team and a strong reputation for service delivery, that will drive the growth of the business in Greece and other international locations.

Global Marine Travel will benefit from access to a Greek IATA license and local marine fares, thereby increasing travel service options for its customers in this key region. Argo’s existing clients will also benefit from GMT’s global reach and access to its extensive network.

This partnership signifies GMT’s commitment to driving growth in the travel segment, creating a market-leading platform for managing and simplifying the seafarer journey from home to ship and back.

“We’re pleased to be bringing on board a business with such a respected heritage, that has operated since 1952, and in doing so, led the travel segment in Greece for 67 years,” said Tim Davey, Managing Director, GMT.

“Having expanded to Geneva, London and Shanghai, Argo has built on its local expertise to become an important global player, and they have worked closely with GMT for a number of years and are well known to each other. We look forward to welcoming the Argo team to our group, and using our resources and global network to enhance the services they provide to their customers.”

“GMT is a natural fit for Argo, and shares our values and commitment to providing personal and excellent service around the world. With the backing of a global organisation and support of GMT together we will become an even stronger organisation. We are looking forward to being able to offer more choice and technological solutions to our valued customers around the world,” said Diamantis Pithis, Group Director of Argo.