Energy management in the Leisure sector produces significant benefits

Energy management of vessels isn’t just good for the environment – it’s good for the ship owner too, with significant financial benefits to be gained through better performance. And with some ports offering discounts for vessels that have implemented ISO 140001 there are even more savings to be made.

However going one step further and taking a more holistic approach to environmental management is something V.Ships Leisure recommends to its clients. The programme goes beyond fuel saving and includes reduction of waste and improved recycling – further reducing environmental impact through establishing key performance indicators, training and monitoring.

Phoenix Reisen, who operates four ocean cruise ships in the German speaking market, has recently seen the benefits of implementing such an energy management and ISO 140001 programme led by V.Ships Leisure on board their vessel – M/S Artania.

V.Ships Leisure director, Per Bjornsen explains: “Our client has seen some very encouraging results, which were achieved through training, planning and better use of data from our monitoring.”

The most significant savings were gained through speed and engine management where average gain was three per cent of the fuel used at sea. Better itinerary management gained a further 0.5 per cent and energy generation in port saved a further four per cent of fuel used.

“Our client is pleased with the results on board M/S Artania and will now expand ISO 14001 and Energy Management to their vessel, the Amadea l too,” he adds.

“This is an area that continues to be of interest to our clients and is important for the shipping industry as a whole to invest in. As a result we are now in the process of voluntary implementation of ISO standard for our Energy Management service – ISO500001,” concludes Per.