Digitalisation goes mobile with ShipSure 2.0 at SMM

London, UK – V.Group will be demonstrating its unique ShipSure 2.0 marine digital platform at the SMM maritime trade fair in Hamburg (4-7 September 2018). Taking its cue from the ambitious principles of V.Group’s innovative ShipSure platform, a forward-thinking concept in delivering a breadth of integrated data to the marine industry, ShipSure 2.0 is a continuously evolving digital solution which offers ship owners the ability to gain powerful insights from real-time asset data anywhere, via the user-friendly ShipSure 2.0 interface.

Available on desktop and mobile devices, ShipSure 2.0 exclusively affords users the ability to obtain secure safety, operational, crewing and financial data on the move, from a single digital platform – a transformative approach to ship management that literally places real-time business insights and the ability to make swift but informed decisions into the palm of the user’s hand. Its empowering combination of control, insight and flexibility illustrates the core benefits of ShipSure 2.0, allied to new levels of transparency that enables ship owners to clearly oversee operations at sea and ashore.

Four distinct but integrated pillars form the foundations of ShipSure 2.0 – marine, procurement, crewing (marine manpower) and finance. This effective and carefully considered infrastructure provides an all-encompassing range of asset data to be analysed and shared only with the client and approved team members. With this soundly practical arrangement as a bedrock, ship owners can supervise every aspect of their business at a glance: from safety, compliance and operational performance to procurement cycles, marine HR and real-time financial data.

“Digitalisation is destined to have a significant transformative effect on the marine industry,” says Stephen MacFarlane, CIO, V.Group. “Even now, we are already close to a tipping point where instant access to real-time data for smart decision-making will be recognised as an absolutely essential stratagem for business survival. ShipSure 2.0 equips ship owners with a marine enterprise platform that accords a distinct digital advantage to each stage and every element of ship management procedures. As ShipSure 2.0 has been completely developed in-house and our IT stack is wholly owned, it allows us to differentiate and innovate at a pace that our competitors can’t match.”

SMM 2018 is set to host an anticipated 55,000 visitors from 124 nations, and V.Group will be highlighting ShipSure 2.0 on stand 105, hall B3, ground floor. “We’re looking forward to meeting existing customers and prospective clients alike,” adds MacFarlane, “and are excited to be able to bring our pioneering digital solution to the attention of so many users who can benefit from smarter ship management, business and operational processes through the power of real-time data.”

About ShipSure 2.0

ShipSure 2.0 is the marine digital platform for everyone committed to the safe and efficient operation of vessels. Delivering data driven insight to desktop and mobile devices globally, ShipSure 2.0 informs decision making in real-time, providing the digital advantage to strengthen safety, operational and financial performance across your fleet.

About V.Group

V.Group is the leading global marine and offshore vessel management and support services provider, with over 3000 personnel based across more than 60 offices globally, supporting over 40,000 seafarers in marine and offshore roles.