Dania Ship Management welcomes leading trade journalists

‘Dania Ship Management – ship management with a local touch in a global environment’ was the theme of a presentation to trade journalists at the Dania Ship Management office in  Copenhagen, earlier this month.

The 90-minute visit by 12 journalists from a range of publications, including Maritime Denmark, The Digital Ship, Fathom World, Lloyd’s List and Marine Link, was part of this year’s Danish Maritime Press tour, which saw the press visit other shipping companies in the city to hear presentations on a range of topics during the two-day visit from 3-4 February.

Welcoming the journalists to the Dania office in Copenhagen were Mikkjal Poulsen, Dania Ship Management, Managing Director, and Franck Kayser, Group Managing Director, Ship Management (pictured above).

“There were three main aims of the visit for us. To promote Dania, and by extension V.Group, as one of the leading ship management organisations in the world today and raise our profiles. The visit also gave us the opportunity to highlight V.Group’s and Dania’s recent acquisition as a key positive step in ensuring that V.Group and Dania Ship Management are providing quality ship management, leveraging their skills and expertise to a larger number of vessels”, said Mikkjal.

During a presentation by Mikkjal and Franck, the visiting media had an introduction to V.Group and Dania Ship Management, heard more about the V.Group operating model, the services we provide with particular focus on ShipSure, our technical and training services, and the recently launched wellbeing programme aimed at improving seafarer welfare.

The journalists also heard more about a range of wellbeing initiatives for seafarers launched recently. Mikkjal said:  “A major focus area for V.Group and Dania Ship Management has been in supporting seafarer welfare in dealing with the psychological challenges and stresses they face on a daily basis. Our aim is to guarantee to owners that their crews are adequately supported as part of the wider crewing services package, providing added layer of reliability and peace of mind for owners.”