SeaTec Condition Monitoring enrolls into Maersk’s Responsible Procurement programme

V.Group’s specialist condition based maintenance business, SeaTec Condition Monitoring, has been successfully enrolled into Maersk’s Responsible Procurement programme.

The achievement is the culmination of a long and stringent procurement assessment that required us to demonstrate the quality of governance in our business. Lubricants analysis is the cornerstone of condition monitoring and by its very nature is extremely technical and considered high risk.

Maersk’s assessment process involves a combination of audits, self-assessments and documentation reviews, where our performance as a supplier was compared against the requirements of the Maersk Third Party Code of Conduct.

“This award has been extremely well received by our Maersk customers. It further cements our commitment to them and substantiates our status as a robust business, not just an expert technical service supplier,” says John MacKenzie, commercial manager, SeaTec Condition Monitoring.