Over 1,000 cloud simulated seafarer assessments conducted

In 2019 V.Group introduced the Navigational Skills Development Program (NSDP), aimed at training and assessing seafarers in navigation and bridge watchkeeping skills.

Designed, built and implemented by V.Group’s technology partner ARI Simulation, the NSDP has resulted in over 1,000 assessment scenarios being conducted since then.

Thanks to a rich database with insight on officers’ performance in a variety of simulated navigational situations, V.Group can continuously analyze the assessment reports to improve the performance of all officers.

“We recognized long before COVID-19 happened that the future of training and assessment was in cloud simulation”, says Capt Sartaj Gill. “We utilize machine learning for key data touch points to obtain objective feedback on trainee action in various scenarios. This enables us to then provide feedback for improvement and also obtain trends within our fleet. While NSDP was a pilot case for us, we were encouraged by its tremendous success. We have moved a number of our company specific training programs online since then.”

Among the new programs that have successfully moved online is the Bridge Team Management training program. Using the cloud enabled version of ARI Simulation’s flagship Navigation and Ship Handling Simulator, any number of trainees can connect to and participate in a common coastal navigation exercise in a high traffic density area, while supporting and interacting with each other as a team to fulfill the common objectives.

The entire exercise is conducted under the watchful eyes of an experienced trainer who has all the required technology tools available at their disposal to create an interesting and meaningful exercise, always keeping in mind the skill and proficiency levels of the participants.

The Oil Tanker Cargo Operations Training program has also moved online and is already paying rich dividends in improving the performance standards of tanker crews. “Following our philosophy of continual improvement, we are now taking the next big logical step to enhance the level of NSDP exercise by building additional scenarios,” says Sartaj. “We are confident our plan to take the entire portfolio of training programs to the next level will help us to grow the professional acumen and capabilities of our seafarers.”