Chief engineer praised as ‘Goal zero hero’ by Shell Americas

Congratulations to Chief Engineer, Normand Lemay, who is included in the top 10 of Shell America’s ‘Goal Zero Hero’ global safety award programme for 2019.

Normand was selected out of 143 nominations for his role in stopping a job onboard the Juno Marie in May 2019, where colleagues were replacing a valve on a slop tank and were preparing to lift the valve onto a platform using only ropes.

Using his ‘Stop Work Authority’, which underpins Shell’s ‘Goal Zero’, Normand stopped the job and instructed the crew to use the crane and proper slings to place the valve into position, thereby preventing possible harm to his colleagues.

Normand will now go forward for consideration for the overall ‘Goal Zero Hero of the year’, which will be announced later this year.

The ‘Goal Zero Hero’ recognises crewmembers across Shell Americas for their initiative and courage to take the necessary actions to recognise and intervene when they see unsafe work, demonstrating their commitment to a zero-incident industry.

Traditionally, the ‘Goal Zero Hero’ awards are presented at a gala dinner in Houston, but given the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, all top 10 winners were presented with their awards virtually.

Since its launch in 2012, the ‘Goal Zero Hero’ programme has presented more than 200 awards reflecting an increasing trend for interventions to stop the work and ensure safety across Shell Americas.