Ship conversion project for cable laying barge


As part of V.Group, V.Delta provide safe, efficient, cost effective vessel conversion services for all vessel types. With engineering, on-site supervision, consultancy and project management all coming under their expert services, V.Delta was a perfect match for one customer looking to convert their barge vessel into a cable laying barge in Singapore.


Our customer’s existing barge vessel was set for repurposing, with a full conversion to a cable laying barge. While any engineering project is not without its challenges, the scope of work on the project included an eight points positional mooring system comprising of winches and fairleads with a mooring systems control station, and an accommodation block comprising of a power generation room, control room, and accommodation for 57 crew.

Further requirements encompassed a forecastle to satisfy the minimum bow height requirements, cable handling equipment to transport and load 7,000 tonnes of cable in a carousel, and the installation of both a deck crane and a store crane. With time restraints of high importance, a 6 month timescale was given for the conversion in its entirety.


V.Delta were initially involved to support the customer at the crucial early stages of the project prior to the engineering works taking place. Brought in to create a detailed technical specification for the project, V.Delta’s multidisciplinary team also provided support to the owner with plan approvals of the basic design drawings as well as the yard’s detailed engineering.

The team also assisted the ship owner with the procurement of the owner supplied equipment and added their experience and skill to the finalisation of the project technicalities and drawings through an extensive plan approval process.

Lastly, the on-site team was brought in and based in Singapore to supervise and monitor the shipyard progress, control costs, manage risks, inspect constructions and guarantee solid technical execution.


With the team all working towards conversion completion across all areas within a tight time frame, full cooperation between the V.Delta team and all external teams was crucial to achieving success. As a result, the full vessel conversion was delivered to the ship owner on time and without extra costs.