V.Group & Oceanic Catering sign the IMPA SAVE pledge

Across all of our businesses, V.Group has committed to environmental sustainability in a number of different ways. One such initiative is the IMPA SAVE pledge which Oceanic Catering recently signed up to. Marinos Kokkinis, General Manager for Oceanic Catering and member of the IMPA SAVE council, explains what the pledge involves.

IMPA SAVE Council for Maritime Supply Chain Sustainability is a group of individuals representing global ship owners and maritime suppliers who are responding to the United Nations’ universal call for action to promote prosperity while protecting the environment.

Marinos explains: “IMPA SAVE has a global network and the initiative hopes to leverage this by setting goals that can be achieved in the marine industry to support a range of activities including carbon reduction, environmental protection and preservation and reducing consumption of resources. Joining IMPA SAVE reinforces Oceanic Catering’s commitment to collaborate across the industry for the preservation of the marine environment.”

IMPA SAVE’s first initiative ‘Getting to Zero’ aims at reducing the use of plastic drinking water bottles from the world’s fleet by 2025. Single-use plastic is a significant threat to life in the ocean and the planet as a whole.

“At Oceanic Catering we’re totally focused on driving our business forward while protecting the marine environment,” says Marinos. “By joining IMPA SAVE, we have become part of a global community who are keen to be among the first responders to the call for a more sustainable blue economy.”

For more information, please visit IMPA SAVE website here.