Analysis of bunker samples allows for better decision making

A study of 3,000 bunker samples by our SeaTec Condition Monitoring team has highlighted the most common causes for off spec fuel.

Certified analysis with the addition of detailed diagnostic comments by our senior marine engineers has also enabled us draw conclusions on the top bunkering ports and countries in addition to the causes for off spec fuel.

Carbon residue was the most common reason for reason for off spec diesel oil, closely followed by pour point in winter and the acid number. Water was the top reason for off spec fuel oil followed by kinematic viscosity at 50 degrees centigrade and cat fines. And the top three countries based on the percentage of normal samples found during the analysis were Belgium, Germany and Gibraltar.

Testing was carried out to ISO 8217 in a UKAS 17025 laboratory. Analysis results are available both on our app and online platform, where clients can view, download and trend data.

For further information about fuel testing and how SeaTec Condition Monitoring could help your fleet please contact John MacKenzie (see below)